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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Would You Believe

Cursed!! Im cursed I say. With what you might ask? With two gorgeous sister in laws. Yes both are tiny and might as well be walking the runway. Im going on a beach vacay with the prettier of the two in a couple weeks and am DREADING the thought of standing in a bathingsuit next to her. She is the type of girl you want to hate. You just want to find something wrong with her and pick it to shreds but you can't. She's skinny, and tan, with long blonde hair. The type of girl every man falls over himself to be around (this is not an exaggeration, I have witnessed it on more than one occasion). What's more, she is the nicest most down to earth girl you could ever hope to be know the type. The kind that makes a room glow as soon as they walk in. Even women want to be around her............. As if I wasn't insecure enough.

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